Check to see if some people aren’t seeing your site.

Have you ever had a client tell you that they can’t see their site but when you go there it shows up fine.   Before you decide that your client is technically challenged,  check out this site which will tell you if the site is not showing up for some people.     Down For Everyone Or Just Me

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10 Free WordPress Plugins

A friend and colleague just posted this list of great plugins on her blog.

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Facebook and Google decides what you should see.

Just watched a video from TED about how Google and Facebook collect information from your searches and posts and choose your search results and newsfeed items accordingly.  I am also convinced that YouTube is doing this as well.     Watch this link.

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Favourite Online Computer Store

Since I live on a small island with no place to purchase computer related supplies,  I have had to do all my purchases online for the last 10 years,   About five years ago,  Marc (the computer god), told me about Love them, love them, love them.   Great website, easy to navigate.   Good quality items  They give you every possible alternative to pay including paypal and electronic debit card transfers as well as all the usual options.   They ship really really fast so I usually have my parcel within a couple of days.   Thought it was time that I shared this.

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QR Codes

I have been doing some research on QR codes which have been around a while in Japan but are fairly new to our North American Market.   QR codes are like a barcode that you can use on print, on a website, on a tshirt etc and you can scan it with your Iphone and it will take you to a place on the web.   The possiblilities are endless and I am thinking this will be a great new tool for us.   If you google it, you’ll find lots of info as well as QR code generators which are free.   Here is a link to some more info.

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Have been on Twitter for about a year now and I’m still trying to figure out how people follow it all. I have about 80 people that I am following and about the same number are following me. In the last hour, there were about 35 tweets. So how on earth do people following 100s and even 1000s of people keep up with it all. Very confusing. I can only imagine that people get very very good at scanning and ignoring.

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Online Generators

Just found this very cool list of 40 online generators for Web Design.   Found some that I will definitely be using in the future.   These can really decrease the amount of time you spend on an aspect of a project.

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Screenshot of CPanel

There are lots of things to consider when choosing hosting for your website.  Early on, I discovered that having a good control panel can allow me to take care of a lot of things myself rather than having to contact the hosting company to do it.    The best control panel that I’ve found todate is CPanel which is installed on the Hosting that I provide my clients today.

I can install many applications from the Control Panel (including WordPress which takes all of 2 minutes) instead of having to download them from the net on to my computer and then upload them to the server.   I can add email addresses and redirects.   I can check my stats to see how many visitors I’ve had each month etc.

You can click on the image to get a better look at what’s available.

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New “Drastically Simplified” Facebook Privacy Controls Start Rolling Out Tomorrow

On stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City, Facebook’s vice president of product Chris Cox announced that starting tomorrow, Facebook will be rolling out “drastically simplified” and improved privacy controls. He didn’t give any details, but did suggest that they should alleviate some of the recent privacy problems Facebook has faced.

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Can Facebook Ruin your Credit?

Just found this article online.  Pretty scary stuff.  I really love Facebook because I can keep in touch with family who live far away.  My daughter regularly posts new photos and videos of my grandson.   I really don’t want to cancel my account but having read many articles lately about the lack of privacy and how FB is sharing my information with “men in suits”,  I have to wonder.   Not too worried about losing my credit because I certainly have never discussed my financial situation online anywhere.

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